Hunt Oil & Trading, LLC  strives for world-class performance and cost-effective operations.  Hunt Oil & Trading, LLC has earned recognition for superior performance.  

Maintaining strong financial health has always been a priority for Hunt Oil & Trading, LLC, which cultivate a disciplined style of managing their businesses and investments. This contributes to the company’s continued financial strength.

We have working relationships with major end users, airlines, governments and other resellers and to ensure you understand the power and resources behind us so you have a full confidence that anything real that is brought to the table we have the ability to purchase.

Hunt Oil & Trading, LLC
   also enjoys relationships with many of the larger world banks and financial institutions.


PNC Bank



                                                    STANDARD CHARTERED BANK 

                                                                              and Others

With asset reserves and lines of credit at call we can confirm our position in any acquisition within minimal time. We have the availability through our correspondent relations, venture partners and international banking partners to numerous professional advisors in various banking networks and industry segments.


The companies directed by Robert (Bob) Hunt have no affiliation with, nor ownership interest in, Hunt Oil Company, Hunt Petroleum, Hunt Exploration, Hunt International Petroleum Corporation, Hunt Oil Company of Canada, Hunt Power, Hunt Refining Company, Hunt Realty Investments, Hunt Investment Group, L.P., Hunt Mexico, Inc., Hunt Energy Horizons, or Petro Hunt.

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